I Photograph WOMEN and WILDLIFE

Because Women and Bears have something in common!

No they're not Grizzlies -- they're Cute and Cuddly!

I photograph an owner's vacation rental house or a house for sale.

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I also photograph events like birthdays and anniversaries. See somehere

I also photograph family get-togethers

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 I photograph wildlife and you can see some of my work  here.

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My Story

Sue Jarrett Photographer

97 Francis Marion Circle Lady's Island SC 29907 US



-Your gown is spotted with wine and cake  - gone

-His tuxedo is back at the rental shop - gone

-Your wedding cake is eaten - gone

​-Your bouquet has wilted - gone

-Family and friends are back home - gone

​But your wedding photographs live forever!

I Sue Jarrett have been a professional photographer for far more than twenty-five years. I started in high school when I was the yearbook photographer and photographed my yearbook advisor's wedding to the football coach!

I graduated from Hallmark Institute of Photography in Massachusetts and then Harriet Sophie Newcomb Memorial College of Tulane University in New Orleans. Yes, I am a Who Dat Fan!

As a Photographer I love capturing special moments and freezing them in time like a special memory. I was a photojournalist with several newspapers, so my wedding or family style is the same -- your event is important. Everything that happens is important, so I try to photograph everything on your day. Yes, some things that Mom and Dad may want posed is photographed that way, but everything else is photographed as it happens!

I have photographed at sunrises and sunsets, military and backyard, beaches, historic spots,  singing with the band, in a building, in South Carolina or another state. Photos are fun!

​I am in Beaufort, South Carolina, but I can move to another site!